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My name is Bennett Nalley and I have been working in the asset management business since 2017. My goal with this publication is to share insights on financial markets, business management, as well as, the lessons I have learned over the years from my experience. The goal of this publication is to help people stay informed to make better financial and investment decisions.

As a graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management, and currently pursuing further education at Villanova University for a Master of Science in Finance, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry and a strong foundation in investment strategies. My investing emphasis is in public financial markets and commercial real estate.

Throughout my career, I have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of research-driven investment approaches. I firmly believe that successful investing requires a systematic and disciplined approach, combining fundamental and technical analysis to better understand opportunities and their associated risk.

Waypoint Capital follows an investment methodology that emphasizes fundamental and technical research. By analyzing market trends, and evaluating financial indicators, I strive to identify investment opportunities that will outperform over a long-time horizon. My systematic approach helps ensure that I make informed decisions, with the ultimate goal of successful outcomes with each investment.

I am excited to start Waypoint Capital, where my passion for finance, coupled with my experience in asset management, can contribute to the pursuit of investment objectives. Waypoint Capital is committed to achieving financial success by employing a systematic and research-based approach to investing.

-Bennett Nalley